About Ma Yoga® for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond

I started Ma Yoga in 2009 as a prenatal yoga studio in Studio City with me and five prenatal yoga teacher friends.

Unfortunately, the owner of the loft space we were renting didn’t realize that she couldn’t be working while we were teaching, and gave us notice.

I went home, sat on my meditation cushion, and put my hands together at my heart. “Please, show me the gift here” I said and almost immediately came the response: “Go guerilla!”

Moms need their communities close to home. And they only really need a couple classes a week.

So we each found a mom or pregnancy related business in our neighborhood and started teaching. I ran the website and created Location Pages for everyone.

Since then, Ma Yoga teachers have helped over 7,000 women prepare for labor and motherhood, learn to relieve their own aches and pains and enjoy connecting to baby and body in over 12 locations in Los Angeles and Orange County – and it continues to spread to other communities.

I created the Yoga Alliance registered Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program in 2012. It combines all the information I feel passionately about sharing with every yoga teacher on the planet. Not only does it provide principles that help us get others out of physical and emotional suffering, but it provides simple daily rhythms and routines that we can incorporate to keep ourselves and our families sleeping, eating, and living well.

Based on principles and practices from both ancient and modern yoga as well as eastern and western medicine, Ma Yoga teaches simple practices and principles that help us access our own innate flow of feminine power, wisdom, and nurturing energy. Even the busiest of us can incorporate these to be able to co-create the lives we want to live.

cert spec topics mom and babyWhile pregnancy and new motherhood brings many challenges, Ma Yoga teaches that we can learn to transform these challenges into opportunities to more fully than ever access our divine essence, and become the divine “Ma” we want to be.

The yoga must change for moms and moms-to-be, because we are no longer the only one being nurtured, and we have particular issues that need addressing during this time of live.

But the result is the same: we feel stronger and more free pysically and energetically; we have clearer vision of authentic purpose; and we gain more power to manifest our vision.

Over 400 people have taken the Yoga of Pregnancy teacher training, and below are the active Certified Ma Yoga teacher trainers.

Please email jessica@mayoga.com if you would like to set up a Ma Yoga training at your home studio and we’ll make it happen!

Jessica sitting374Jessica Jennings, MS, ERYT, RYPT

Founder, Ma Yoga

After my chronic neck and back pain was healed through yoga in my 20’s, I was drawn to understand the healing aspects of yoga. In 2008 I completed my Masters in Exercise Science with a focus on Rehabilitation Exercise and Pregnancy. For my clinical study, I developed a group prenatal visit and yoga program at Kaiser Permanente and ran it for 6 years. I loved working with doctors, midwives, nurses and Lactation Consultants, and seeing how powerful the combination of yoga and community can be for women in the difficult transition to motherhood.

Not long after that, I set out to manifest my vision of “a Mama Circle in every village in the world.” In addition to supporting mamas on and off the mat, I offer Ma Yoga teacher trainings and help teachers feel confident teaching pregnant women and moms, and I coach them in business and marketing so they can enjoy the rewards of having their own Ma Yoga class.

To connect with Jessica and find out more, please email her at jessica@mayoga.com.

To join the online community of yoga teachers, birth and parenting experts and moms and moms-to-be, just click here and ask to join.

Colleen headshot 02Colleen Hieber, E-RYT 200, RYT 500 RYPT, Certified Ma Yoga Teacher Trainer

As a professional dancer, I was first drawn to Yoga as a reliable method for physical therapy that I could practice on my own. Eventually, Yoga became so much more – I was hooked on its alignment principles, philosophy, mindfulness, and meditation. I also found a community of people on a similar path to personal growth. I made teaching Yoga my path in life, after experiencing the healing power of this practice, during a particularly traumatic event. I have never looked back. It is the greatest gift to share this practice with students and new teachers.

Please visit my website for more info and to say hello! www.colleenhieber.com


headshot hawaiiLauren Horn, RYT, RYPT, Certified Ma Yoga Teacher Trainer 

I discovered yoga in 2003 with the intention to relieve chronic low back pain and it worked! Since then I have experienced the benefits of yoga at all stages of life; as a single woman, in marriage, during pregnancy, and now as a mother. My passion is empowering mothers as they prepare for birth. As a teacher trainer for Cloud Nine Yoga and Ma Yoga, I am honored to guide budding teachers on a journey of changing lives one breath at a time.