About Jessica Jennings, Founder, Ma Yoga® for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond

In 2008 I completed my Masters in Exercise Science with a focus on Rehabilitation Exercise and Pregnancy. For my clinical study, I developed a group prenatal visit and yoga program at Kaiser Permanente and ran it for 6 years. I loved working with doctors, midwives, nurses and Lactation Consultants, and saw how life-changing it can be to get guidance, support, and inspiration during the often difficult transition to motherhood.

I started Ma Yoga in 2009 as a prenatal yoga studio in Studio City with me and four prenatal teachers who had taken my weekend Yoga of Pregnancy training.

Now, Ma Yoga teachers have helped over 20,000 women in more than 10 locations prepare for labor and motherhood, learn to relieve their own aches and pains and enjoy connecting to baby and body and new friends.

I created the Yoga Alliance-registered Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program in 2012. It combines all the information I feel passionately about sharing with every yoga teacher on the planet. Not only does it provide principles that help us get others out of physical and emotional suffering, but it helps people use birth as guru as I did, to discover the keys to becoming a powerful co-creator in our own lives.

Drawing from both my time working in the OB/Gyn department at Kaiser Permanente, as well as over 10,000 hours of alignment-based yoga training, Ma Yoga teaches simple practices and principles that help women access their innate flow of feminine power, wisdom, and nurturing energy. Even the busiest of us can incorporate these to be able to co-create the lives we want to live.

About Jessica: The Yoga of Pregnancy & Postpartum Teacher Training founderWhile pregnancy and new motherhood brings many challenges, Ma Yoga teaches that we can learn to transform these challenges into opportunities to more fully than ever access our divine essence, and become the divine “Ma” we want to be.

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Mama and baby

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