• As far as the training went, I loved it! I loved the community you created. I loved the ease of the call downloading and the materials to follow along with. I liked all the suggestions. I feel like I really learned a lot. I really loved the daily routine plan and to hear how it works for you and how it was working for the others. It led me to some experimentation, and I felt like I really bonded with my boyfriend as we both tried some things together. So far, I am living in a new way because of you! These are all things that I wanted to do but always put off for another time. Your class really pushed me to implement them for good!

    Laurenne Sala Freelance Writer
  • It was great to be able to listen and participate while taking care of my son and if I missed something I could re-listen to that part of the call on the recording. By adding a few of [the Anchor Practices] into my daily routine, I now have the extra energy to take care of my son without feeling drained.

    Elizabeth Rooney
  • Something else impressed upon me from this past week and it is how much of our daily practice with the MAyurveda gets us back in touch with self care and self love--something as a new mom or working mom or mom of multiples... we often neglect, forget and fail to do. (Yup, I used the f-word!) And what a great way to set the example to those around us (to our children, to other women, etc...) by our actions. 🙂  

    Danielle Kitzes
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Mayurveda with you. Each class was so wonderful, spoke right to my level, and urged me into beautiful new territory. It was challenging in the best possible way. I'm inspired to continue my study of Ayurveda and I especially appreciate all of the resources you've given us. What a delight to be a part of it, and to find this nourishing and supportive community of girls! Life feels simplified, purposeful and healthy. I tried your Green Pancake recipe the other morning and Oliver (14 mnths) loved them. As did I!!

    Narelle Payne
  • not only I feel more energized, but also, I feel that my workouts have better results. I'll explain; in addition to teaching yoga, I also teach fitness (indoor cycle, bootcamp, bodyblast) anyhow, whenever I taught more than 1 class a day in the past, I felt that the lactic acid produced during workouts was getting stagnated in the tissue. Which in turn left my muscles in a painful state. My western Dr. Suggested I exercised less. My chinese Dr. thought my spleen was not producing and moving new blood fast enough to flush the lactic acid out of the tissue. Well... with the cayenne pepper I have been teaching about 4 classes a day painfree!!!! I am just soooo amazed of the changes from the addition of this spice into my daily food intake. Jessica, I can't thank you enough for this ayurveda course. I am planning to continue learning about ayurveda. I am so excited about it :)))

    Dianna Howe
  • I've been following the Ayurveda daily time rhythm and its amazing how your energy shifts with it! Thank you for allowing your lectures to be recorded online. Even though I can't be there during the live chats, it is nice to still feel apart of this class and to be able to learn the information and instill it in my life.

    Jenny Chambers
  • If I had to pick my favourite element of the course, I think this would be it! I knew NOTHING about Ayurveda before this series of online conference video calls. It just made sense to me. I loved that the structure (weekly video calls) allowed the knowledge to really sink in and for more research afterwards to be done. I loved the sense of community created. I loved having homework tasks for the week, being given the time to allow new things to be trialled and for new routines to be created. This knowledge has improved my own personal health and given me the resources to advise others. MAyurveda also has helped me to improve my family life - who knew that would happen!


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