Prenatal 2 – San Dimas

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Date(s) - 06/15/2018 - 06/17/2018

United Yoga Studio


Friday, June 15, 6:45 pm – 9:45 pm
Saturday, June 16, 12:00pm – 8:00pm
Sunday, June 17, 9:00am – 6:00pm

Click for Q&A on the Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program!

Ma Yoga Prenatal 2

a Yoga Alliance-registered Prenatal Teacher Training

Taught by Jamie Hanson, Certified Ma Yoga®  Instructor 

Jamie Hanson Prenatal 2 Yoga Teacher Training San Dimas instructor

I began practicing yoga in 2005 while living in Guatemala City. I was a distance runner for much of my life and had lived with pain and injury for many years. This practice transformed my relationship to my body. Yoga brought healing to all layers of my body (physically, mentally, emotionally). It has improved my relationships and taught me how to trust in the process.

I began teaching yoga in 2009 with the desire to bring this profound practice to those who had experienced trauma (both sexual and physical abuse specifically) and continued to seek out training that equipped me to teach in a trauma-informed capacity. I believe that my background as an athlete as well as a domestic violence counselor and a high school teacher led me on a journey to establish a style that is empowering, safe (for both physical and emotional healing), challenging, and inclusive.

Since 2009 I have been teaching to many different populations and began teaching prenatal yoga with Ma Yoga® in late 2014 after the loss of two pregnancies. In 2015 my daughter Luisa was born and I entered the journey of motherhood. I absolutely love being able to support women during this raw time of their lives. These years of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood have been the most confronting, empowering and joyful years of my life and yoga has helped me manage and embrace it all.

I have been training and mentoring teachers since 2014 and absolutely love to support others on their path to becoming effective teachers.
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For questions about this training, please reach out to Jamie at

For questions about the whole Ma Yoga/Yoga Alliance Certification Program, please click get more info.

For info about Jamie’s Ma Yoga Prenatal and Mom + Baby Yoga classes and to take a free class, please click here. (

If you would like to become certified, you must take both Prenatal 1 and 2. These are long weekends and can be taken in any order.

Prenatal 2 yoga teacher training San Dimas

  • The five Ma Yoga Alignment Principles are life-changing gifts, because they show us how to relieve common aches and discomforts, both in traditional poses on the mat and those that occur throughout the day and night. Almost all musculoskeletal pain is due to misalignment, and both instant and long-term relief can be found with a simple shift of direction of the muscles and bones.We will apply these principles to relieve back, knee, wrist and shoulder pain, as well as infertility, back labor, and diastisis recti (or “post-baby belly”). We will look closely at traditional poses like Downward Dog and standing poses, as well as off-the-mat alignment actions people can do at the office or in the car to get out of pain.
  • Learn how to teach Mom + Baby as well as Toddler Yoga
  • Discover the three sections of the anatomy of the core, what moms need to strengthen the core that is different from the regular population, and how to provide this core strengthening through breath, yoga and other movements with the Ma Yoga I CAN Core Strengthening System for Diastisis Recti and Post-Baby Belly.

How much does Prenatal 2 cost?

If you know you want to be certified, you can purchase the whole program at the lowest price, or you can do our payment plan (pay as you go):

Ma Yoga Certification Program: Prenatal 1, Prenatal 2, and MAyurveda Teleseminar:

$997 (save $180)



Prenatal 1 and Prenatal 2:

$744 (save $140)


Prenatal 2:

$443 / $399  early bird – up to TWO weeks before training starts, June 1.
To get early bird discount for Prenatal 2, use code UnitedPrenatal2Early
 at checkout.

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Learning to step into the co-creative flow of the divine feminine will help you approach EVERY creative endeavor in your life in a new way. You will learn to delight in co-creating, and deepen your understanding of how this can help you support any mom-to-be.

No interest in teaching prenatal is necessary – just curiosity about how the body changes throughout the process, andPrenatal Teacher Training Titanic in how we can shift our thinking so these changes help us sit deeper in the freedom and grace of the heart space. Many women have taken it simply to expand their knowledge, explore personal issues around pregnancy, labor, and motherhood, and support their clients with new tools.

If you do choose to take this weekend as a teacher training, you will learn that these alignment principles apply to all your students, men included. You will also be invited to be part of our private Facebook Ma Yoga Certification community, where you can always ask questions and receive support along your path.

What if I Want My Yoga Alliance Prenatal Certification?

You must take both Prenatal 1 and 2 – which are long weekends – to fulfill the requirements for onsite trainings for the program.

In order to become certified, after the Prenatal 1 and 2 you must also complete:

  • MAyurveda teleseminar ($297/$267 early bird)
  • Homework for each training
  • Some labor education (either online with our Yoga of Birth Teleseminar, or 12 hours minimum of your local DONA-approved doula training – cost varies from $150-$297)
  • One-on-One Mentor Program ($150 paid at end with Certification Application)

For more info, please check out our Certification Page for the Ma Yoga/ Yoga Alliance Prenatal Certification Program.

Or, just email to schedule your free 30 minute Prenatal Dreams and Visions talk with Jessica Jennings, to make sure this program will get you where you want to be!

What if I want to teach Prenatal Yoga after this weekend?

Many yoga studios require that you have completed the full Yoga Alliance RPYT certification.prenatal yoga rachele bini

If you choose to teach outside the studio system, it’s more about how ready you feel.

Since Ma Yoga is about helping you partner with yoga teachers and mom and birth businesses to create MAma Circles, we will work together to figure out when the time is right for you.

We do require that Ma Yoga teachers are in the process of completing the Ma Yoga Certification Program.

If you are already a prenatal yoga teacher or RPYT, we have a short Bridge Program for you, and you will be credited for some of the requirements. Please email to discuss.

If you do decide to start your own Ma Yoga class, you will receive business coaching and marketing support throughout the process.