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Hi I’m Jessica. As a new mom of a 3 year old I still wasn’t getting 7 hours of sleep, I had tried a bunch of diets but none of them really helped me keep the extra weight off, my energy was super low in the afternoons and evenings and my body felt like it was falling apart.

I took an online Ayurveda course, and dove into the 5,000 year old wellness system of India that I knew just enough about to be dangerous…  and my life changed! I listened that year in my online course with my mouth agape, in disbelief that no one had told me these simple ways to take care of ourselves that made so much sense.

I found that as a busy mom and business owner there was a lot that I just wasn’t going to have time for for a while. I could not spend hours in the kitchen making kitchari daily.

But the fundamental, easy-to-do lifestyle practices and principles were do-able even on my busiest days, and were enough to be life-changing. I called this part of Ayurveda MAyurveda: Living Ayurveda Course for Women in their Childbearing Years.

Why Yoga Teachers Need MAyurveda

Ayurveda is like finally finding the manual for your body.

– Cate Stillman

  • Do you know how to guide people to vibrant wellness off the mat as well as on?
  • Do you have your own go-to practices that – no matter what’s going on – help balance your own constitution again?
  • Do you dream of being able to make an impact on people’s lives through a deep, powerful connection to nature – daily rhythms, seasonal practices, aligning with the moon and more?

As an instructor, you are seen as part of your students’ health care team. It’s important to know simple lifestyle shifts to help people with issues such as:

  • I’m not sleeping well. What can I do?
  • I am having digestive problems. Are there foods I shouldn’t be eating?
  • I want to have a baby. Is there anything I can do to get ready?
  • I had a baby and never fully recovered. How can I heal?
  • I have a lot of stress from my job and I don’t have a lot of spare time. What’s the best two minute thing to do?

I can’t wait to share what I call “Anchor Practices” – core habits of the yogi that keep us from getting burnt out, and help us maintain our connection to our highest Self whether we get to our mat that day or not!

The oldest and most comprehensive health and wellness system still in use today, Ayurveda is 5000 years old and means “the study of life.”  Many of us have learned how to align with prana on our mat. For me, Ayurveda is about aligning with vibrant radiance in every other part of our lives.

In MAyurveda: a Living Ayurveda Course, you’ll:

  • Learn to use food and spice as medicine for you and your loved ones
  • Understand your unique constitution and how to find balance, based on what’s happening in your life each dayMAyurveda: an online Ayurveda course that teaches self-care like coconut oil self-massage
  • Incorporate simple but deep self-care routines called “Anchor Practices” that shift your energy back into your center, help your skin be soft and glowy and your mind be clear
  • Lean into a daily rhythm in your household that supports everyone’s natural physiological clocks, so bedtime and mornings aren’t a struggle.
  • Apply Ayurvedic principles to physiological and psychological conditions throughout the life cycle using women’s bodies as our model, including children, menstruation, pregnancy, and postpartum

If you’re thinking “I’m stressed out all the time and I really can’t squeeze in anything else,” I just need to ask – when will things slow down enough for you to start taking care of yourself? And isn’t it more effective to do it before anything serious occurs?

Why not learn the language of your body now, so you can begin to heal your own issues, through powerful your food, self-care and daily rhythm choices?

What’s the Format of the MAyurveda Online Ayurveda Course? 

MAyurveda is six weekly sessions on Zoom. For each session, you’ll receive an eCoursebook and other materials – recipes, a self-care practice to try, daily rhythms to explore.

It’s a nurturing, transformative experience so that you can incorporate the practices into your own life, and then teach your students from experience.

MAyurveda fulfills partial requirement for Ma Yoga/Yoga Alliance RPYT Certification, or can be taken alone for Continuing Education credit.

6 books 2

Call 1: Overview of the Universe

  • Fundamental Ayurvedic principles like the force of evolution, karma, the elements and the doshas
  • Meditations to experience these concepts on a visceral level
  • How to know your unique constitution and ways to eat to keep yourself balanced

Call 2: How this Energy Manifests As Your Body

  • The gunas – recognizing different constitutions by their characteristics
  • Physical and mental challenges you can start to recognize as imbalances of the elements
  • Vata balancing through daily cycles: optimal times to do natural actions

Call 3: How to Know When You’re Health is Out of Balance, and What To Do

  • Agni, the process of digestion
  • Ama, the result of non-optimal digestion
  • Solutions for imbalances for different constitutions, esp. digestive problems that can lead to disease. Agni balancing through the six tastes.

Call 4: Practical Application – Pregnancy

  • Energy of pregnancy: Kapha balancing through self care, easily digested foods and movement.
  • Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts, with recipes
  • Foods that reduce acidity, heaviness, and acid indigestion throughout pregnancy and beyond

Call 5: Practical Application – Post-Partum

  • How to heal the body after labor and rebuild strength over the next year with food and daily practices
  • Best ways to support new moms, including which food and spices to use
  • Baby’s constitution and ways to resolve imbalances including gas and colic. Pitta balancing through foods and ways to chill.

Call 6: Practical Application – Kids, Menstruation, and Self-Care

  • Kids: preventing and fighting colds with spices and foods they’ll eat
  • Menstruation: pms and other imbalances; how (and why) to get in sync with the moon
  • Simple self-care practices that make a huge difference, easy ways to get living foods into your body that are fast and satisfying!

If you are drawn to learn more about the science of life and how to align with prana in relationships, work, and play, there just may be a reason. My advice: follow your inner wisdom. It will always serve you.

When is it Offered and How Much Does it Cost?

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