The Yoga of Pregnancy Prenatal Teacher Training

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trianing

Discover the Five Sacred Steps to help pregnant women find both stability and freedom through all the changes.

You will learn practices and principles that help us accessyour innate power, wisdom, and nurturing energy.

More than just a prenatal yoga teacher training, The Yoga of Pregnancy means using birth as guru to dive into the divine feminine. Less about the linear, achievement-oriented, “I got this” part of us, it inspires the receptive, relational, and sensing part of us that knows we need each other, and we’re better together.

The Yoga Pregnancy Prenatal Teacher Training will help you:

yogi pnglearn to safely teach yoga to pregnant students and clients

yogi pnglearn tools to help pregnant women out of common aches and pains

yogi pngunderstand how to use co-creative principles of life creating life to manifest what’s gestating with you

yogi pnguse pregnancy-related themes to motivate your mamas to give their best

yogi pngconfidently shift poses, sequences and alignment to accommodate women’s changing bodies

yogi pngget business help and education for starting your own Mama Circle

yogi pngremember what you’ve learned through ebooks and pdfs

yogi pngbecome a master co-creator in your own life

Overview of the Yoga of Pregnancy & Post-Partum Teacher Training

Enjoy a welcome circle and general Q&A, and then experience a prenatal yoga practice for yourself with lots of how’s and why’s.

Prenatal Yoga Certification
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training model - Trikonasana

Travel through the trimesters

Learn how to adjust poses, sequences and alignment to accommodate the physiological and psychological changes of each trimester. Use the Ma Yoga alignment principles (the Five Sacred Steps) to understand the most important yoga principles and practices for each step of the journey.

Practice teaching and delve into labor

Discover empowering pregnancy and labor-related philosophy and themes, and and learn to guide, support, and inspire pregnant students in your regular classes, as well as teach transformative prenatal yoga classes. We’ll discover what we’re preparing for with some videos, and a chat with a doula.

Prenatal Yoga Training
Yoga Instructor Certification

Discover your career options

Finally, experience the benevolent chaos of Mom + Baby, and explore the different career paths you’ll have open to you once you’re certified. Take home your Ma Yoga Teacher Training manual, and enjoy evergreen access to our ever-grown program area in the Ma Yoga Living Room! Includes 10 wonderful preschool sequences and tons of support materials for you to reference.

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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trianing
  • There are few other times in my life when I have felt so alive and inspired as I did during those three days. I cried many times in that class, tears of pure joy and wonder. The process of pregnancy, labor, and delivery is so powerful, it leaves me completely and utterly humbled. I have known for a long time that yoga is my path, but it wasn’t until this prenatal training that I realized that prenatal yoga is my path within my path 😉

    Sarah Trudeau Yoga Teacher, Seattle

Testimonials for The Yoga of Pregnancy Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

  • Not only was the weekend amazing in terms of education and instruction, but it was also so good for my mind and body. I feel even more invested in teaching prenatal yoga.

    Amanda Cagle, doula
  • The sense of warmth, community and support was extensive all weekend.  I also so enjoyed going through the training while pregnant - it really helped me to feel the postures' benefits in my own body as we walked through them and all of the philosophies and themes really rang true for me. I cannot wait to become a certified prenatal instructor

    Amanda Archer, M.S.W., R.Y.T.
  • This training is so well put together, the information is infinite, and I have a whole new love for pregnancy and motherhood. I can't wait to one day hopefully teach and to be a part of Ma Yoga!

    Mandy Johnson
  • I feel like I got more out of this one weekend than I did out of my whole 200 hour training. One of my personal goals as an instructor is to have authentic themes. That said, I  had a major break through last weekend. I am so grateful for the tools I was given to make my teaching more meaningful, and I have already began to incorporate what I learned into my sequences and class prep.

    Brooke Kane
  • Thank you so much for an amazing & light-filled weekend!…It was tremendously helpful to engage with this material a second time, particularly after starting a prenatal class here. I hope you can come back and do this again next year!

    Jane Hitti, MD, MPH Professor, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Division of Perinatal Medicine University of Washington
  • I would like to let you know that after completing the pre-natal teacher training, I not only feel more confident as a yoga teacher, but I also feel more comfortable as a woman. I thank you for inspiring me to help women to feel more like themselves during pregnancy through the practice of yoga.

    Marie B.
  • I just want to thank you so much and express my gratitude for such a wonderful weekend. It has helped temper my terror of the birthing process.

  • The prenatal training was incredibly informative and fun. Because there is so little information in the area of prenatal yoga, Jessica’s enormous wealth of knowledge and experience is a wonderful resource. I currently teach prenatal classes, and after completing her training, I feel more empowered and my classes feel more fun and dynamic. I am so grateful I got to take the training, it has made a big difference.

    Jennifer Gaecke
  • What a wonderful experience and in two plus days my perspective has really shifted. I came in simply to learn to be a better teacher to my pregnant students and left with a new appreciation for the birth process and for life in general. I now see the beauty in both pregnancy and giving birth.

    Kathy Bray
  • Being post-menopausal, I had reservations about taking Jessica’s Prenatal training initially, but it truly was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. I feel a renewed sense of awe for all women, including myself. Thank you Jessica for a wonderfully informative and moving weekend!

  • This was my first experience with alignment-based yoga. The training took my Kundalini yoga practice to a new level. The emphasis on principles of alignment and awareness of kinaesthetics has changed the way I teach and the direction I give my students.

    Lee Rothman
  • Thanks again for such a great teacher training. It was so wonderful to see both of my passions, yoga and obstetrics, come to life together. I learned a great deal from you!

    Zorayda Alviar MD OBGyn
  • This was my second Pre-natal TT with Jessica. Jessica shares her knowledge with such grace that after the first one, I was equipped to begin teaching the week following my first workshop. A year later, another training with Jessica gave me additional teaching tools. I left with a deepening understanding of how we can help pregnant women use their yoga practice to move their bodies from a place of strength and beauty.

    Linda Eifer Certified Ma Yoga Instructor
  • On Tuesday night, I had 2 pregnant women in class! It was fantastic. We chatted for a minutes before class and went over some do’s and don’ts… And we generally made space for the baby. Both women did inversions that night, though not for very long. It was awesome. I felt like the few minutes before class was very liberating for them, because we focused on how we could modify poses and what they could do. Before your teacher training, I always focused on telling students what not to do. They both did full practices that night and were able to practice safely at the same time.

  • I highly recommend Jessica’s prenatal training weekend. Her expertise and professionalism, combined with her compassion and experience, makes for an incredible learning experience for teachers, I’m sure, but also for pregnant women with advanced yoga practices.

    Sharon O.
  • It was such an inspiring workshop — I learned so much! You created such a wonderful, nurturing and comforting learning environment. I felt many of my fears melt and questions answered! Thank you for kindling my spark for learning more about prenatal yoga!

  • Attending this prenatal teacher training was inspiring and made me want to learn more and more! this workshop is important for us as women (and men!) and as yoga teachers; providing ourselves and our students with information and support about pregnancy, labor and birth is essential.

  • I attended the Yoga of Pregnancy Teacher Training and it was an invaluable addition to my yoga education. She is clear, thorough, dynamic, and … as the only male in the training … she made me feel so welcome and comfortable. This training will allow teachers of all levels to feel more confident when a pregnant student steps into their classroom.

    Marc Holzman
  • The information I learned in the Prenatal Yoga Training was not only accessible, full and insightful, but information that I feel I can use in my teachings with all students, pregnant or not. Jessica brings to her teaching knowledge, experience, humor and a pure love for what she does that literally beams through her. It was a golden experience!

    Wendy O.
  • This prenatal training helped me connect more deeply with my femininity and my practice. The information was presented in a clear, soft and useful way, and it inspired me to dive deeper not only into Pregnancy yoga but into myself, my body, my practice and my teaching. Thank you Jessica for sharing your wisdom and energy and for opening new doors for women to explore their pregnancy in a safe and creative way!

    Brookelin G.
  • The training this weekend was absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Your email came in just as I was creating a new sequence to teach to my new Mommies tomorrow morning, incorporating the inspirational movements and techniques that we learned. I do not know where the path may lead for me in prenatal in the future, but I do know that I love teaching it, and now feel even more confident and inspired.

  • I personally think every teacher should be required to go through Jessica’s training, not only to know how to address pregnant women, but to also discover a unique approach to learning about specialties in health, and to experience the wisdom of an authentic teacher/explorer.

    Tara Judelle Certified Anusara Teacher
  • I was 8 months pregnant when I took Jessica’s prenatal teacher training and was so happy to find (finally) a prenatal program that reflected my experience–that my body was still capable and it wanted to practice. She has incredible respect for pregnancy and her intelligent alignment notes proved helpful to me in labor–internal rotation plus external rotation = more space for baby–even when he is moments away from greeting the world!

    Sara Lamm co-director of Birth Story Movie: Ina May and the Farm Midwives
  • Thank you so much for offering and teaching your prenatal TT. It was invaluable. I taught my class today with a newfound sense of knowledge and confidence. Your essence stayed with me and infused my thoughts and actions. Thank you, thank you. If the timing is right I will take it again, that’s how much I enjoyed it.

    Anna Getty
  • I came to “add something” to my teaching and what I received just blew me away…I am humbled by the creative force and beauty of nature and how the principles truly support this so clearly. This is the place I want to move from in my practice and in my life! This was just what I needed and did not even know and I walk away with deep connection and great trust in what I am doing.

  • Until I took your training I didn’t understand how to integrate [therapeutic alignment principles]  into my prenatal yoga classes… Now I’m teaching prenatal yoga that is deeply rooted in the alignment-based yoga tradition… Through your course my understanding of theme-ing has deepened so much… I love how you shared with us how you set a theme for your day & how you use your personal daily theme for your classes… You gave me a lot.

    Linda Cirella
  • I attended Jessica’s workshop not as a yoga teacher, but as a pregnant woman and yoga  practitioner for ten years. Jessica’s course taught me how to modify basic poses through positioning and the use of props that have made it possible for me to take any yoga class, to continue to study with my current teachers, and to feel safe and confident doing so. The most important lessons I took from the weekend workshop are these: As it turned out, I subsequently lost that pregnancy to miscarriage. Devastating as it was, the lessons I learned in the workshop helped me come to terms with what was beyond my control. And now that I am pregnant again, and happily in my 14th week, I rely on these same lessons now.

    Sharon O.
  • I LOVED every second! After this course I would say my teaching became significantly better; for all students, not just the pregnant ones. My understanding had deepened, my own practice improved. Instead of feeling anxious about teaching pregnant ladies, I felt so excited and empowered, that I straight away started teaching pre-natal classes, private sessions and Mom and me classes (which very quickly covered the cost of the course).


Yoga for Moms: Post-Partum to Preschool

This module will educate, inspire and uplift you as we explore the possibilities around new motherhood: two births are happening, the baby’s and the mom’s, and as yoga teachers we can empower women to participate fully in the birth of their own new Self.

From core-strengthening to meditation amidst chaos, we cover a lot of ground. Whether you want to teach new moms or you are one, it will shift how you approach this special (and exhausting) time.

Prenatal Yoga Certification

In the Yoga for Moms module, you will:

yogi pngexplore what moms need in body, mind and heart

yogi pngtravel through each stage of recovery after birth, using the chakrasas keys to complete healing

yogi pngexperience yoga practices pared downto their most effective, efficient essence for busy, exhausted moms

yogi pngunderstand how to prepare your pregnant students for bringing home baby

yogi pnglearn how to create a nurturing community that stands by and for each other

yogi pnglearn about common aches and pains for mom and how to relieve them

yogi pngdiscover what moms need to do to tone post-baby abs (no crunches!) with

yogi pngaccess ebooks, handouts, and tools – including 13 fun sequences for preschool kids for years to come

yogi pngreceive sequences of poses moms can do while connecting with baby

yogi pngaccess your innate flow of wisdom, power, and nurturing energy,  or “Ma”

About the Yoga for Moms module

  • I loved the talk at the beginning about Evolutionary Progress, the 3 R's and making space for Ma. It's nice to have concrete info you can use such as those 13 pre-school class sequences - so helpful!! And I liked the sharing and the support of the wonderful women in the training. It's nice to feel you're not alone on this quest.

    Rachel Keller Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Mom
  • I had such a wonderful time at the yoga for postpartum training with Lauren this weekend! It was such a joy to bring my 6-month-old baby boy, Henry along with me!!! And I must say - after weeks of little sleep and sweet Henry waking up every night from 4-6am very restless and grunting loudly, he slept AMAZINGLY and better than he has since he was a week old! Thanks to the powers of yoga and the peaceful energy he soaked up during the training! 🙂

    Amanda Kellerman Yoga Mom
  • As a new mom, this weekend unfolded not only as a teacher training but also a retreat for me. I loved the intro as you introduced your theory and understanding of the evolutionary concepts.  The concept is so much deeper than (a post natal) woman just getting her body back in ‘shape.’ And as scary as it is for me to teach in front of my peers, it was so necessary to unveil my ‘growing edge.’ Thank you for creating a safe place where it’s ok to not be perfect. I feel well equipped to delve into teaching mommy and baby as well as preschool yoga! Building and strengthening community has always been the one of the reasons I am drawn to teaching yoga.  I am glad I found you, Jessica J

    Kerri S. Yoga Teacher and Mom
  • I loved learning sequences for mommy and baby, along with pre-school yoga sequences. I was happy to learn how to incorporate baby into the poses and what to do with baby while practicing. And I really enjoyed connecting with other women in the group and sharing systems of yoga, experience, and practice.

    Francesca A. Singer, Yoga Teacher and Mom

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